Mocha Miller

Your Colorado Springs Expert here to help YOU!

What makes me different as a Realtor®?
In my 25 years as a Colorado Springs resident, my own experience as a homeowner living in the four corners of our city has granted me insight into the advantages of each of these unique areas. So, whether you are looking to buy or sell, I am confident and competent as a Colorado Springs expert. And while that experience is a valuable asset, I believe that what makes me the Realtor that YOU want is this: I have an internal compass which points me to do what's right, to be honest, to work hard, and to help others. In all of my experiences buying and selling homes, that is all I ever wanted from a Realtor. Now, I AM that Realtor® .

Jeanne L.

8z Real Estate is the total package - everything and every service you need is under one roof. Everyone I dealt with kew their stuff, were friendly, and very helpful to me.

Becky G.

There are three main reasons why my 8z Realtors are such effective agents. They are careful listeners, know people who can get things done, and are on the cutting edge of real estate technology. - Becky G

Penny T.

My 8z Realtor did everything they said they would and more - a person of the highest integrity. More than qualified, they were delightful to work with and always had a shining smile and attitude.